Waterfowl are among my favorite of all birds.  This diverse family of birds brings a wide variety of colors, patterns
and behavior.  We have been fortunate to raise and work with many species of waterfowl from teal to mergansers,
from geese to goldeneye.   We have over 20 years experience studying these live birds behavior, attitude and
anatomy.  For a small sample of the live waterfowl we've worked with over the years, visit our "my birds" section of
this website and choose "waterfowl" to view a few of the species we've bred and studied.

You are guaranteed to have among the best when you choose JBird Taxidermy.  Few people have the experience
not only in taxidermy but with live reference as we do.  You cannot duplicate the anatomy and structure on a bird
from photo's as you can from closely studying the movements of living reference.   We cater to the serious
collector and enthusiast.

Our philosophy is to showcase our mounts by placing them on simple, yet eligant base wood.  Sometimes too
elaborate of a base can draw your attention away from the bird.  However, we accomodate all our customers and do
provide extra habitat or custom base by request for an additional charge.  The base's shown below are included in
the price of the mount.
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