Gallery: Click on the image to browse some samples of our
work.  We have extensive experience in waterfowl, game birds
and exotics.  We tend to lean toward the simple in display,
showcasing the bird and not a large distracting habitat,
however any habitat or extensive display base can be
accommodated at an additional charge to cater to the
customers taste.   Make sure to ask us about available
specimens (All specimens are captive raised and have all
appropriate paperwork and permits)  
About the Artist: Birds have been my passion from
day one.  As far back as I can remember, there has
been nothing that stirred more excitement, more
wonder, more love, than God's most beautiful of
creations...birds.  I have raised everything from
pigeons to cranes, from waterfowl to rails and just
about everything in between.  I have a vast library of
living references to insure your mount will be the most
lifelike, the most anatomically correct, a true work of
art.  We take special pride in each individual piece.  
Over 25 years experience, you can count on our high
standards for quality and realism.
Our Birds:  Click on the image to view some of our very
own birds.  I have raised live birds from the age of 7 years
old starting out with show pigeons.  Since then I have had
the opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful
and rare birds in captivity.  We focused on waterfowl for
many years giving me an invaluable edge on anatomy,
feather placement, attitude and realism.  Having live birds
as reference is without question, the best way to learn
how to recreate them.  Currently we have started to focus
on Cranes, Rails and Pheasants.  This experience has
expanded our knowledge to many varieties of birds from
large birds ( Cranes, Peacocks,  Turkeys )  to small birds
(pheasants, rails, quail )  No matter what bird you want
mounted, chances are good we have extensive
knowledge on the way these birds move, their particular
anatomy and their attitude.